The Northern Venetians: Richard Barrett, Kristian Byskov, Charlotte Desvages [tr.], Nikolai Duffy, Frédéric Forte, Sarah Hayden [tr.], Gill James, Tom Jenks, Madis Kari, John Kearns, Mirja Koponen, Olga Kortz, Keith McKay, Aleksandra Maciejewska, Peter Manson, Anna Olkowska, David O'Meara, Paulina, Dorota Prądzyńska, Kim Sandra Rask, Sandra Ridley, Gerry Smith, Magdalena Szulc, Patryk Włazik, Barbara Wronkowska, Minna Rombo Zetterlund                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     

The following stories depict the city of Northern Venice, as seen by its inhabitants past and present.

Northern Venetians

From anywhere, but especially from here out on the sund, Hansastadt Stralsund
has the most heartbreakingly beautiful skyline: is this the Venice of the North? [...]
Other Venices of the North are Bruges, Aalborg, Amsterdam, Birmingham,
Manchester, the Maryhill area of Glasgow...

(Jonathan Meades, Magnetic North)


I love the soft burbling of streams and the cherry trees in blossom. But I agree with Plato
when he makes Socrates say that he has nothing to learn from trees, only from the men in the city.

(Annie Ernaux, Introduction to Exteriors)


...And with these, the sense of the world’s concreteness, irreducible, immediate, tangible,
of something clear and closer to us: of the world no longer as a journey having constantly to be remade [...]
but as the rediscovery of a meaning, the perceiving that the earth is a form of writing,
a geography of which we had forgotten that we ourselves are the authors.

(Georges Perec, Species of Spaces)

Districts of Northern Venice: Aalborg, Amsterdam, Birmingham, Bornholm, Bruges, Bydgoszcz, Copenhagen, Haapsalu, Hamburg, La Lune, Manchester, Maryhill, Ottawa, Stockholm, Stralsund, St Petersburg,Wrocław.